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Susan Abbott Martin is a practicing artist and has worked in the field of art education for over 40 years.

She has exhibited her work extensively, receiving numerous grants, awards and residencies including two grants from the Pollock Krasner Foundation, the Lila Wallace Reader's Digest International Artists Program at Monet’s garden in Giverny, France, the Bemis Foundation in Omaha, NE and Yaddo in Saratoga Springs, NY. 


At the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), working directly with students, Susan developed individual programs of study for fine art undergraduate students while ensuring they met degree requirements for graduation.


At the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, co-directed the Internship Program, initiating and maintaining contacts with employers in education, fine arts, architecture, design, computer graphics for student intern placement.  In addition, she conducted a weekly seminar addressing the professional challenges facing students, ethics in the workplace, career choices, resume and cover letter development.


As the Director of the Saturday Art School at Pratt, Susan was responsible for the educational and creative and artistic development of 300+ children, ranging in age from 2-18 enrolled in this laboratory school. She hired faculty, supervisors and student teachers, developed and implemented innovative assessment documents to measure teacher and student performance objectives and progress.


In addition, to teaching at the college level, Susan has taught students in community centers, museums and public and private high schools

Paul Klein, based in Los Angeles, has worked for over 30 years as practicing artist, designer, teacher, and adviser to art and design students and now brings his experience to Seize the Year.


Most recently Paul was Chair of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program and Associate Professor and Chair of Art and Design Technology at the San Francisco Art Institute. In these capacities, he taught and advised undergraduate and graduate students from a range of art and design practices. Paul’s teaching enabled students to develop powerful visual imagery, expanding opportunities for their work in the political, social, and cultural realms of everyday life. His individual advising, tutorial, and portfolio development meetings with students were tailored to their creative aspirations and the skills needed to develop and realize their artistic goals. Prior to his tenure at the San Francisco Art Institute, Paul served as Chair of the Photography Department at City College of San Francisco where he taught and advised students with diverse backgrounds and interests. Paul also worked as a media/graphic designer, and commercial photographer in New York City with national and international clients.


Paul’s work as an artist and designer also forms a critical vision useful to students for developing mature thinking for a world that is often reduced to simplistic depictions proliferated though journalism and social media. His interdisciplinary work exists beyond the norms of everyday life practices and identities; thereby allowing him to motivate students to undertake creative projects with unique depth and sensitivity.


Working with students during his career in education, Paul has especially found it productive to stress and convey tactical information regarding resume building, technical/social skills, and networking. Paul encourages students to create portfolios that connects directly to cultural commerce and its professionals–creating a bridge from the present to a future in the world.

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