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Seize the Year (StY) provides portfolio reviews and resources for artists and designers, with BA and BFA degrees who are exploring the possibility of pursuing a Graduate degree in the Arts.

StY’s Expand Your Portfolio option provides these online services and resources for reviewing and expanding your portfolio:


By Application Only 

  • One hour complimentary discussion and review of your current portfolio, your artist statement and professional goals

  • Recommendations of appropriate visual and technical resource materials to expand and align your portfolio with your art, design, educational and/or career goals


  • Recommendations for theoretical readings to expand your artist’s statement consistent with the visual documentation and personal inspirations for your work


  • Four two-hour meetings to be completed in eight weeks, culminating in a final review of a revised portfolio with a guest artist


FEE:    $900

Expand Your Portfolio Coordinator, StY, Paul Klein   

Paul Klein, based in Los Angeles, has worked for over 30 years as practicing artist, designer, teacher, and adviser to art and design students and also as co-founder of Seize the Year now brings his experience to his role as the Expanding Your Portfolio Coordinator for StY.
Paul was Chair of the Bachelor of Fine Arts program and Associate Professor and Chair of Art and Design Technology at the San Francisco Art Institute. In these capacities, he taught and advised undergraduate and graduate students from a range of art and design practices. Paul’s teaching enabled students to develop powerful visual imagery, expanding opportunities for their work in the political, social, and cultural realms of everyday life. His individual advising, tutorial, and portfolio development meetings with students were aligned with their creative aspirations and skills needed to develop and realize their artistic goals in a wide variety of mediums. Prior to his tenure at the San Francisco Art Institute, Paul served as Chair of the Photography Department at City College of San Francisco where he taught and advised students with diverse backgrounds and interests. Paul also worked as a media/graphic designer, and commercial photographer in New York City with national and international clients.

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