Seize the Year (StY) provides portfolio reviews for artists and designers, with BA, BFA, or MFA degrees, who are interested in evaluation and feedback for their next stage of education, technical skill development, or job placement.


Portfolio reviews are intended for those who are interested in a change in career, undergraduate artistic focus, graduate study in the arts, and other portfolio presentation possibilities.


We recommend ways for you to enhance the visual and technical aspects of your portfolio.  The goal is to strategically maximize the portfolio for successfully securing internships, volunteer positions, art-related study, summer art programs and other ventures for artists and designers.


The review process includes recommendations for theoretical readings and practical online tutorials leading to an artist’s statement which clearly defines for the viewer the portfolio’s conceptual and aesthetic foundation for personal and career advancement.



StY provides these online services and resources for reviewing and expanding your

portfolio: *


  • One hour discussion and review of your current portfolio, your artist statement and artistic and professional goals


  • StY makes available appropriate lists of visual and technical resource materials to expand and align your portfolio with your art, design, educational and/or career goals


  • StY recommends theoretical and practical readings to expand your artist’s statement consistent with the visual documentation of your work


  • Midpoint and final portfolio reviews



Four Hours During an Eight Week Period


By Application Only 

FEE:    $750


*If you are concurrently participating in StY Interim Year planning, the portfolio review is an additional optional service offered at a discounted fee of $500, which specifically focuses on the development of your portfolio.