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Seize the Year (StY) focuses on advising and supporting creative high school students whose interests and activities are centered in the Arts. Working with students and their parents, we aim to develop a year-long pathway with a structured level of engagement for experimentation and growth between high school and college or the next step in their lives. We also work with students who might have started college but now are exploring alternative options.

The StY approach fosters holistic arts experiences including the time and space for portfolio development and refinement, transcript improvement, building evidence of proficiency to compete for college scholarships and appropriate opportunities in the Arts.

Working with creative students whose focus encompasses a wide range of artistic fields including painting, sculpture, design, photography, film video, and electronic-based work, StY facilitates an interdisciplinary approach now prevalent in Contemporary Art and Design.

Our years of experience in the field of Arts education at the college level confirms that students in the visual arts are often experiential learners who absorb new information by creating work that is visually powerful.

In a time of heightened intolerance and pressing threats to our core democratic values, it is vital to foster the imaginations of our young creative makers and thinkers.
For artists and designers, with BAs or BFAs who want feedback on their portfolios before applying to Graduate programs, view Your Portfolio.

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