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Seize the Year (StY) focuses on advising and supporting students whose interests and activities are centered in the Arts. Working with students and their parents, we aim to develop a year-long pathway with a structured level of engagement for experimentation and growth.


Our years of experience in the field of arts education at the college level confirms that students in the visual arts are often experiential learners who absorb new information by creating something tangible. Many gifted and talented students working in the visual arts have not been adequately supported in their educational, co-curricular and social settings. This lack of support often impedes the development of skills necessary for future educational and career challenges.

The StY method fosters holistic arts experiences that produces significant positive results for one’s creative, academic and social development. These results include the time and space for portfolio development and refinement, building evidence of proficiency to compete for college scholarships and appropriate opportunities in the arts to discover an expanded community of like-minded students and professional mentors.


We work with emerging artists whose focus encompasses a wide range of artistic fields including painting, sculpture, design, photography, film video, and electronic-based work.  StY facilitates an interdisciplinary approach now prevalent in contemporary art and design that combines different mediums.


We believe that, in a time of heightened intolerance and pressing threats to our core democratic values, it is vital to foster the imaginations of our young creative makers and thinkers.

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