Seize The YearSusan A. Martin Educational Consulting

Seize the Year is committed to working with families to insure a meaningful and transformative experience for students who are graduating from high school or community colleges and moving into the next chapter of their lives.

We help students:

  • Discover their passions
  • Facilitate an understanding for the value of thinking critically about their future
  • Create strategies for how to take responsibility for the choices they make
The options we explore include:
  • Working
  • Interning
  • Volunteering
  • Studying
  • Traveling

What is a Gap Year?

A Gap Year is a period of time when students take a break from their formal education to work, intern, volunteer, study or travel. Typically, this is the year:

  • between completing high school and beginning college
  • between compleing an AA degree at a community college and beginning your junior year at another college
  • between your sophmore year and junior year in college
  • between completing a BA degree and beginning a career

Why take a Gap Year?

There are many advantages to taking a well planned Gap Year after graduation including:

  • Gaining life experience to enhance college applications
  • Working to save money
  • Exploring area of interest for potential career options
  • Solidifying skills, knowledge and discipline


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